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Report / October 13, 2019 / Project number: CT114071 - A Category

Location: 10 NM east of Peachtree City, Georgia, USA
Date: 13 October 2019
Status: Investigation Ongoing

The accident involved a CT114 Tutor aircraft from the Canadian Armed Forces Air Demonstration Team (Snowbirds) enroute to the Atlanta Air Show being held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Georgia.

Following a routine check while inverted, the pilot rolled level and applied full power to rejoin the formation. Shortly after the pilot experienced a loss of thrust. Losing altitude and unable to recover engine power, the pilot elected to eject as the aircraft was too low to attempt a safe recovery to an airport.  The pilot successfully ejected from the aircraft however reported anomalies with the ejection sequence.

The aircraft was destroyed upon impact and the pilot received minor injuries as a result of the ejection sequence.

The investigation is focussed on materiel cause factors for the engine mechanical failure, as well as the ejection sequence.

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