Cessna A150L C-FFIW - Epilogue

Report / July 12, 2014 / Project number: Cessna C-FFIW - B Cat

Location: St-Hubert, Quebec
Status: Investigation Complete
Date: 2014-07-12

The Cessna A150L, registration C-FFIW operated under the Cadet Power Scholarship Program was doing touch and go landings at the airport in St-Hubert (CYHU) with only the student pilot on board. During an approach to runway 24L, the pilot decided to perform a go-around.  At about 0.5 NM from the departure end of the runway, the aircraft stalled and crashed into the yard of a private home in a residential neighborhood just west of the airport. The aircraft sustained major damage. The pilot received minor injuries.

The investigation revealed no abnormalities with the aircraft. The flaps were found to be in the 40° position when the investigators arrived on scene. The “overshoot/go around” procedure required the flaps to be raised to the 20o position. The examination of the flaps has established that they were operating properly.  Analysis of the ATC recordings revealed that the Cadet was communicating with the "tower" from the time that the "overshoot" was called up until communication with the aircraft was lost prior to impact.

The investigation determined that the Cadet's attention was channelized on communicating the pilot’s intention (i.e. overshoot) to the "tower" rather than applying all steps in the "overshoot/go around" process such as changing the flap setting from 40 degrees to 20 degrees.  This resulted in a stall situation in the low level environment, leaving insufficient altitude for the recovery.

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