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Report / October 18, 2019 / Project number: CC15001 - D Category

Location: 8 Wing, Trenton ON
Date: 2019-10-18
Status: Aircraft Occurrence Summary

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On 18 October 2019 a CC150 Polaris was towed from the North ramp to 10 hangar. This space is not normally used by the CC150, and the D-14 tow tractor normally used is too large for the limited space available inside 10 hangar. Before entering the hangar, the ground crew were required to stop and swap the tow tractor from the bigger D-14 to the smaller D-12.

Once the aircraft reached a position in front of 10 hangar, the tow crew stopped the aircraft, set the chocks and the parking brake. During the tow tractor change, while no tractor was attached, the aircraft started moving forward and over the chocks. Attempts to stop the aircraft by the tow crew were unsuccessful. The right engine struck the D-12 tow tractor parked inside the hangar, before the nose contacted the hangar far wall structure, finally stopping the aircraft.The aircraft sustained very serious damage (“B” category).

The investigation will focus on materiel and human factors.

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