Editor's Message (RCAF Journal - WINTER 2015 - Volume 4, Issue 1)

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As strange as it might seem, I am actually going to use my comments in this issue of the Journal to talk about the Spring and Summer 2015 issues. I do believe this is necessary to minimize confusion over the approach taken by the editorial and production staff at the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre and to emphasize the focus of these issues. So bear with me as you read on, and all should be clear by the end of this short article.

Some of you may be aware that the Royal Canadian Air Force Journal (RCAFJ) is, for all practicable purposes, one issue behind in its production schedule. To rectify this situation and to bring the schedule back in line with the deadlines for submissions, the Spring and Summer issues will be combined into a single, albeit larger, issue. Therefore, Volume 4 of the RCAFJ will contain Winter, Spring/Summer and Fall issues—for a total of three rather than the usual four issues. This one-time adaption of the Journal re-synchronizes the “Call for Submissions” dates included in the front matter of the Journal with the production schedule.

In addition, we were also considering the most cost-effective manner by which we could commemorate some of the important Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) milestones that will take place during the lead-up to our 100th anniversary in 2024. A recommendation to dedicate one issue of the Journal per volume to the major commemorative event or theme being addressed that year was approved. This approach allows the RCAF to celebrate its history and heritage via a theme-focused publication available to a broad audience at minimal additional cost, as the respective commemorative issue is already part of the regular production schedule. Any additional costs will be associated with contracting out articles to flesh out the commemorative story, acquiring additional images and increasing the print run. A commemorative issue of the Journal will contain only articles/items related to the relevant event and additional images (eye candy) for the reader.

The combined Spring/Summer 2015 issue of the RCAFJ will be the inaugural commemorative issue. It will focus on the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and the participation therein by the RCAF and Canadians serving in the Royal Air Force and will be available by September 2015—in plenty of time for celebratory events. Additional copies of the Journal will be available while quantities last. I do hope that this issue will be well received.

Enjoy the read.


Sic Itur Ad Astra

Major William March, CD, MA
Senior Editor



RCAF―Royal Canadian Air Force

RCAJF―Royal Canadian Air Force Journal


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