List of Abbreviations (B-GA-402-000/FP-001, Canadian Forces Aerospace Sense Doctrine)

ACC ―   air component commander

AOC ―  aerospace operations centre

ASW ―  antisubmarine warfare

ATO ―  air tasking order

C2 ―  command and control

CCIR ―  commander’s critical information requirements

CF ―  Canadian Forces

CFJP ―  Canadian Forces Joint Publication

COMINT ―  communications intelligence

COP ―  common operating picture

CR ―  collection requirement

EEFI ―  essential elements of friendly information

ELINT ―  electronic intelligence

EO/IR ―  electro-optical/infrared

FFIR ―  friendly force information requirements

HD/LD ―  high-demand/low-density

HQ ―  headquarters

HUMINT ―  human intelligence

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ICP ―  intelligence collection plan

IM ―  information management

IR ―  information requirements

IS ―  information superiority

ISR ―  intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

IT ―  information technology

JIMP ―  joint, integrated, multinational and public

MAAP ―  master air activity plan

MOSID ―  military occupational structure identification code

NGO ― non-governmental organization

NORAD ― North American Aerospace Defence Command

NRT ― near real-time

NTISR ― non-traditional intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

OGD ― other government department

PIR ― priority intelligence requirements

R2 ― reports and returns

RCAF ― Royal Canadian Air Force

SA ― situational awareness

SIGINT ― signals intelligence

TPPU ― task, post, process, and utilize

UAS ― unmanned aircraft system

U.S. ― United States

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