Preface (B-GA-401-000/FP-001, Canadian Forces Aerospace Command Doctrine)

This manual provides the doctrine for the Command function of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). While intended primarily for the operational level, it describes fundamentals applicable at all levels. This manual has been designed for use by the following:

  1. Canadian Forces (CF) schools and academies that train, indoctrinate, and develop personnel in command and control (C2);
  2. CF aerospace units and headquarters; and
  3. other CF elements proposing to command or support CF aerospace forces.

This manual is presented in three chapters:

  1. Chapter 1 – Defining Command. An overview of the Command function, including the principles of command, the definitions of command and control, and the relationships of supporting and supported commanders for aerospace operations.
  2. Chapter 2 – Command in the Aerospace Domain. Focuses on RCAF structure, organization, roles, responsibilities, and relationships at all levels of aerospace activities. This chapter discusses the importance of centralized command and decentralized control of aerospace operations in component warfare, detailing the four distinct models for the employment of aerospace forces.
  3. Chapter 3 – Elements of Command and Control. Outlines the processes within which aerospace power is exercised to include the air operations centre, and line and staff organizations. It also discusses the importance of information management, communications management, and operational planning.

The manual is to be used in conjunction with:

  1. AJP-3.3, NATO Joint Air and Space Operations;
  2. B-GA-400-000/FP-000, Canadian Forces Aerospace Doctrine;
  3.  B-GA-401-001/FP-001, Canadian Forces Aerospace Command and Control Processes (to be promulgated);
  4. B-GA-401-002/FP-001, Canadian Forces Aerospace Operations Planning (to be promulgated);
  5. B-GA-402-000/FP-001, Canadian Forces Aerospace Sense Doctrine;
  6. B-GA-403-000/FP-001, Canadian Forces Aerospace Shape Doctrine (to be promulgated);
  7. B-GA-404-000/FP-001, Canadian Forces Aerospace Move Doctrine;
  8. B-GA-405-000/FP-001, Canadian Forces Aerospace Shield Doctrine;
  9. B-GA-406-000/FP-001, Canadian Forces Aerospace Sustain Doctrine;
  10. B-GA-407-000/FP-001, Canadian Forces Aerospace Generate Doctrine (to be promulgated); and
  11. B-GJ-005-300/FP-001, Canadian Forces Joint Publication, CFJP 3.0, Operations.

Recommendations for amendments to this publication are welcomed and should be forwarded to the Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre (CFAWC), attention: Doctrine Development Branch.

The Commander 2 Canadian Air Division (Comd 2 Cdn Air Div) is the ratification authority for this doctrine.