List of Abbreviations (B-GA-401-000/FP-001, Canadian Forces Aerospace Command Doctrine)

1 Cdn Air Div― 1 Canadian Air Division

2 ACCE ― 2 Air Component Coordination Element

2 Cdn Air Div ― 2 Canadian Air Division

ACC ― air component commander

ACCE ― air component coordination element

ACHQ ― air component headquarters

ADCON ― administrative control

ADS ― air defence sector

AEW ― air expeditionary wing

AEW Comd ― air expeditionary wing commander

AFDT Div ― Air Force Doctrine and Training Division

Air Div ― air division

AOC ― aerospace operations centre

AOR ― area of responsibility

ASOC ― air support operations centre

ATO ― air tasking order

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C/JFACC ― combined joint forces air component commander

C2 ― command and control

CADS ― Canadian Aerospace Defence Sector

CAOC ― Combined Aerospace Operations Centre

Cdn ― Canadian

CDRNORAD ― Commander North American Aerospace Defence Command

CDS ― Chief of the Defence Staff

CF ― Canadian Forces

CFAWC ― Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre

CFJP ― Canadian Forces Joint Publication

CJTF HQ ― combined joint task force headquarters

CNC ― Canadian national commander

CO ― commanding officer

COA ― course of action

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COC ― combat operations centre

comd ― commander

Comd 1 Cdn Air Div ― Commander 1 Canadian Air Division

Comd 2 Cdn Air Div ― Commander 2 Canadian Air Division

Comd CANR ― Commander NORAD Region

Comd RCAF ― Commander Royal Canadian Air Force

CONOPS ― concept of operations

CRC ― control and reporting centre

DETCO ― detachment commander

elm ― element

FAC ― forward air controller

FE ― force employment

FE comd ― force employment commander

FG ― force generation

flt ― flight

flt comd ― flight commander

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HD ― high demand

HQ ― headquarters

JAOC ― joint air operations centre

JFACC ― joint forces air component commander

JTF ― joint task force

JTFC ― joint task force commander

JTF HQ ― Joint Task Force Headquarters

LCC ― land component commander

LD ― low density

LO ― liaison officer

MCC ― maritime component commander

MOB ― main operating base

NATO ― North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NCE ― national command element

NORAD ― North American Aerospace Defence Command

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OPCOM ― operational command

OPCON ― operational control

OPP ― operational planning process

RCAF ― Royal Canadian Air Force

sect ― section

SQOC ― squadron operations centre

SOCC ― special operations component command

Sqn/sqn ― squadron

sqn CO―  squadron commanding officer

TACOM ― tactical command

TACON ― tactical control

TACP ― tactical air control party

TACS ― theatre air control system

UK ― United Kingdom

US ― United States

W Comd ― wing commander

Wg ― wing

WOC ― wing operations centre

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