CT145 King Air - Epilogue

Report / November 8, 2010 / Project number: CT145 - C category

Location: 3 CFFTS in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
Status: Investigation Complete
Date: 2010-11-08

A CT145 King Air operated by 3 Canadian Forces Flying Training School (3 CFFTS) departed the hard surface of runway 13R at Portage la Prairie as the aircraft was completing a full stop landing. The aircraft was crewed by a Qualified Flight Instructor (QFI) in the right seat and a student pilot in the left seat, under training as part of the Multi-engine Pilot Course. Immediately after touchdown, the right wing began to sink due to failure of the right main landing gear. Attempts to maintain runway centreline proved futile as the aircraft drifted right, departing the hard surface of the runway approximately 600 meters after touching down. The aircraft came to a full stop at the crest of a drainage ditch, 78 meters right of runway 13R centreline. Both pilots were able to safely egress with no injuries.  The aircraft sustained C category damage.

The investigation revealed that the right main landing gear lower drag brace arm bolt failed due to fatigue prior to achieving the design criteria of six years or 8000 landings.

Recommendations were therefore made to change the main landing gear lower drag brace arm bolt on King Air C90 operated at 3 CFFTS in Portage la Prairie Manitoba after 2500 landing cycles.  Subsequent detailed analysis on other drag brace arm bolts revealed cracks were present at substantially less cycles than the previous design citeria of 8000 cycles, which supported the decision to replace the bolts at a reduced cycle frequency.

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